Aluminium as a construction material

Weight   Aluminium is a light metal with a density of only 2,7 kg/dm³, which is a third of the density of steel. Aluminium can gain high strength by alloying of raw aluminium with other metals. Constructively this means less weight on lower construction parts.

Corrosion   Aluminium has great corrosive properties and does not have the same weaknesses as steel. Processing on building site is far less problematic. Joints are likewise less critical.

Environment   Aluminium has a great recycling advantage. The use of energy by reusing aluminium is only 5 % of the energy spent on processing of primary aluminium. Reused aluminium has the same properties and quality as primary aluminium. Aluminium is the most widely used metal in nature, in which 8% of the earth’s crust is of aluminum compounds.

Aesthetics The light weight, high strength and formability of aluminium leave a high degree of design freedom. This allows for example the design of screw tracks which mean greater stability and easier installation.

Price Processing of aluminum is estimated to be significantly lighter than the handling of steel. This translates normally also pricewise.