Glazed Partition Walls

DYFA New York Glass Walls are built with individual window frames with glass and profiles, which are clicked together to a complete transom glass wall or window. Additionally, to the glass wall, a base can be added, which can be levelled +/- 20 mm to adjust possible inaccuracies in the floor.

The black transom glass walls are is inspired by traditional iron glazing bar windows and at a distance the two look alike, but at closer inspection the glazed industrial partitions are distinguished by a fine finish. In addition, the DYFA New York windows are easy to handle, as aluminium is both lighter than iron, as well as the modular assembly system, which is different from the wrought iron’s forged solid construction.

The system can be adapted to the room and DYFA has cooperated on many specialized projects.

Complete rooms of glazed partition walls with incorporated door solutions

Create new rooms within the room with a DYFA New York glazed partition, the perfect solution to the interior design in large office landscapes. Glass walls are ideal room dividers but can also be used to create entirely new rooms or individual office booths from scratch with DYFA’s integrated New York doors. Keep the overview and shield unnecessary noise.

Separated conference room in office landscape built with glass wall in cast iron look
Separated conference room in office landscape completely built with glass walls in cast iron look
New York add-on transom with contour and flat contour Copenhagen add-on transom for full glass solutions
New York add-on transom with contour and flat contour Copenhagen add-on transom for full glass solutions

Add-on Transoms for Full Glass Solutions

Besides the modular built system, the assortment also encompasses New York solutions to conventional full glass partition walls built of large complete glass sheets, where the New York Add-on Transoms can be added. This add-on solution can be added to existing interior as well as exterior glass solutions.

The glued-on transoms are sold by the metre and are available in two variations:  

  • Profiled New York Transoms (35mm x16mm)
  • Straight contour Copenhagen Transoms (35mmx3mm)

Endless applications and possibilities

DYFA modular interior New York Loft Style Glazed Partition Wall contains many possibilities. DYFA’s glass solutions have so far found use as a cooling cabinet, wine room, room divider, walk-in closet, store façade and shower wall. No matter the desire, contact DYFA for inspiration to your next project.

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