DYFA offer many different door solutions, which all complement the New York Loft Styled glass walls and transom windows. The doors are produced either as traditional frame door with individual glass sheets and surrounding frame or as complete full glass doors with glued-on transoms.

All DYFA glass doors are produced to custom measures and thus, they can be adapted to existing door jambs as well as accommodating specialised needs. 

The system encompass a collection of pivot doors, hinged frame doors and – full glass doors, sliding doors and folding doors. 

Frame doors are as a standard produced with 6 mm toughened transparent safety glass.

Full glass doors are as a standard produced with 8 mm toughened transparent safety glass.

If sound reduction is a issue, the hinged full glass door is offered with 10,76 mm transparent laminated sound rated glass.

See more regarding the individual solutions below.

Double New Yorker glass Pivot door reaching from ceiling to floor with side panels and brass pull handle
Double glass pivot door P1 with aligned side partitions. Door with pivot bearing and brass pull handles

Pivot door

DYFA Pivot doors can be made in very large sizes, which means they can be made to reach from floor to ceiling in most rooms. If a window above the door is desired, this can be integrated in the door solution as well.

The Pivot Door is delivered with a floor-based door closer, alternatively it is also possible to replace this solution with a concealed door closer installed in the ceiling. The door has a opening radius of 90 degrees in both directions and the door opens by pushing the door leaf.

Maximum surface area x width: 4 m2x1400 mm. Fasten to a stable and secure base, top and bottom


The Pivot Door is avialeble in the following four types as a single or double door:

P1: Frame door with 95 mm frame
P2: Frame door with 50 mm frame
P3: Full glass door with top and bottom frame
P4: Full glass door without top and bottom frame


DYFA New York Pivot door is delivered with floor-based door closer. Additionally the following add-ons options are:

  • Consealed Door Closer mounted in the ceiling
  • Pull Handles
  • Push Plate
  • Roller Latch
  • Lever Bolt

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