Transom windows

With New York transom windows, you can create intimacy, ensure light, and thus create a unique solution for your interior. The New York windows can fit with an existing half wall, thus maintaining the connection between two rooms while creating a new space.

A New York window creates light, while maintaining intimacy. It is simple and easy to install and elevate the design of your home. The New York System gets inspiration from industrial style cast-iron windows. It is characterised by a high finish level, low weight and no visible joints.

Measure the hole where your window should be. Then, draw a sketch of the solution you want and send it via our contact form. Within one week you will receive a non-binding offer.

Transom windows – Fillings and colours

For our New York system, there are several different options, among other things you can choose a different colour or fillings.


As standard, the DYFA New York system comes with glass fillings of 6 or 8 mm toughened safety glass. If you wish to add a certain ambience to the room, you can add alternative fillings with different colours and textures.

The customisation options are endless and DYFA can deliver alternative fillings of for example rippled decorative glass, mirror glass or frosted glass etc. Likewise, there is an option for soundproof glass.


The DYFA transoms and aluminium profiles are powder coated with RAL 9005 gloss 03, fine structure.

DYFA stock raw profiles for alternative RAL colour coatings. Thus, the system can have many different design directions. Complementing the wants and aesthetics of the interior design.

It is entirely up to you what type of window you want, and we can help you with advice and guidance, hence our many years of experience. Contact DYFA today and create spaces, light and air with New York industrial style glass doors, walls and windows. Contact us on tel. +45 91 55 33 55, email: or via our contact form here