Partition wall – New York style

Create a new room with a DYFA New York partition wall. With a glass wall, you get a unique solution to your interior, that gives your room a minimalistic industrial look. The partitions are made as desired, whether it is a room divider, half wall or wall that has to go from floor to ceiling, there are endless possibilities. With our patented New York System, you can, therefore, create new spaces without losing light or depth.

Our New York style system fits well everywhere. Our wall and door solutions have so far found use as a cooling cabinet, wine room, room divider, walk-in closet, store façade and shower wall. No matter the desire, contact DYFA for inspiration to your next project.

It is entirely up to you what type of glass wall you want, and we can help you with advice and guidance, hence our many years of experience. Size, colour, and fillings are custom-made to each project requirements.

DYFA New York style partition wall

With a glass partition wall, you allow the light to pass right through. A glass partition wall in industrial design thus gives the interior design a unique aesthetics. Whether it is for your home or office.

If you have an office landscape, it can be an advantage for your employees to have a modern office space made of a glass partition wall. Hence, it gives your employees better contact with each other and opens up the office. At the same time, it has a professional, modern and rustic look. You can find inspiration in our photo gallery and see some of our projects.

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