Internal sliding doors – Rustic and modern

Internal sliding doors can be a good practical solution, while at the same time giving it a different look than a traditional door. With a glass sliding door, you do not have to make space in front of or behind the door for it to open. Therefore, a sliding door can help create more space in your home or office.

DYFA’s internal sliding doors are builds on the same principles as our other door types. The sliding door is available as a framed door with individual glass modules and an aluminium frame, and as a full glass door with glued-on fake transoms.

The sliding door has two different top tracks options. The first option hides the track and makes only the sliding door visible. The second option is more rustic and has visible top track roller brackets, inspired by the old-fashioned barn door rails.

Soft stop and handles – Custom made solutions

Our sliding doors are without handles. However, the door is easily opened by pushing on the door leaf. It gives it a more minimalist look, however, handles are also an option. See the different handles here.

Internal sliding doors

The sliding doors also have the option of soft-stop, which ensures easy closing and that the sliding door stays properly in place. Generally, it offers a more user-friendly experience.

Additionally, our systems frames can be custom coloured, if you do not want the traditional black frame. At the same time, you can get alternative colours and textures for fillings. For example, other fillings may be, mirror glass, frosted glass, wood, or sound-absorbing plates etc. see some examples here

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