Internal doors with glass – That creates contrast

Internal doors with glass give a rustic look to your home or office. DYFA has patented and developed various types of New York style glass doors. Of course, our glass doors match with our glass walls and windows, to give you a total solution. A glass wall can create extra space without making the original space feel smaller. Thus, making the glass doors suitable for any room. This means that light still comes naturally in the rooms and that the overall design theme is maintained.

We develop and manufacture our own glass doors, and we have these types of doors:

Pivot Internal doors with glass

Pivot doors can be made in very large sizes, hence they can reach from floor to ceiling in most rooms. The pivot door has an opening radius of 90 degrees in both directions.

Hinged DOORS

DYFAs hinged doors are available in two versions, a frame door and a full glass door. Both doors have an opening radius of 180 degrees in one direction.

Sliding Internal doors with glass

Sliding doors are handy if space is tight, providing more space for furniture and thus, not requiring much space in the room itself.

Folding Internal doors with glass

The folding door gives your room a flexible and practical quality. Thus, visually you get a regular complete glass wall and room divider, together with a large flexible doorway with the possibility to connect and

Create space, light and air with DYFA New York

DYFA’s glass doors and glass walls offer endless applications and possibilities. With DYFA New York system you, therefore, allow the light to pass right through. A glass door and wall in industrial design thus gives the interior a unique aesthetics.

Our New York style system works exceptionally well everywhere. Our internal glass doors and walls solutions have so far found use as a cooling cabinet, wine room, room divider, walk-in closet, store façade and shower wall. No matter the desire, contact DYFA for inspiration to your next project.

Contact DYFA today and create spaces, light and air with New York industrial style glass doors, walls and windows. Contact us on tel. +45 91 55 33 55, email: or via our contact form here