Interior doors – New York style

Interior doors

DYFA’s New York interior doors offer endless possibilities, which all match with our New York walls and windows. The interior doors are available in two versions. Either as traditional hinged glass door with individual glass modules or as a full glass door with glued-on fake transoms. The system encompasses a collection of pivot doors, hinged doors, sliding doors and folding doors.

The New York System gets inspiration from the industrial style cast-iron windows. It is characterised by a high finish level, low weight and no visible joints. Hence, its endless possibilities. The New York system is in glass and aluminium. Thus, it is a system with high flexibility and possibility of personal choices of design and combination. A module system so unique DYFA were able to patent the invention of it.

DYFA’s interior doors solutions have so far found use as a cooling cabinet, wine room, room divider, walk-in closet, store façade and shower wall. No matter the desire, contact DYFA for inspiration to your next project.

Shower solutions – Aluminium and glass

Make an impression in your bathroom with New York style interior doors or walls and give the interior a unique solution. The system consists of aluminium and glass and thus does not consist of any organic materials, makes it ideal for wet rooms.

A shower wall from our New York System provides endless possibilities and can easily fit existing designs. We recommend a full glass wall, with glued-on fake transoms on the outside wall, so that the wall into the bath is clean glass, and thus easier to clean and swipe.

Find inspiration in our photo gallery. The system contains endless possibilities and therefore it is only your imagination that sets the limits. Feel free to write to us with questions and wishes, and we will guide and advise you on the best solution to your project.

Contact DYFA today and create spaces, light and air with New York industrial style glass doors, walls and windows. Contact us on tel. +45 91 55 33 55, email: or via our contact form here