Industrial interior design – Endless possibilities

Industrial interior design

Industrial interior design with DYFA New York system. The system offers endless applications and possibilities. The glass walls and doors come either as individual glass modules or as full glass with glued-on fake transoms.

The system gives a good contrast to beautifully designed furniture. DYFA’s patented system is custom-made to your wishes and needs. It is adapted to your space. Hence you have a great opportunity to have a system that is unique and adapted to your wishes and specifications. Among other things, you can adjust how many modules and how large they should be.

Since our system is flexible, we can make both half walls, room dividers, entire rooms of glass walls, windows, doors and much more. At DYFA you can get a custom-made solution for your home or business.

Folding door vs. mobile wall – industrial interior design

Folding door

DYFA’s folding doors offer a combination between a regular glass wall and a glass wall with an integrated door solution, by combining the two. The folding door comes with individual glass modules.

The folding door gives your room a flexible and practical quality. Thus, visually you get a regular complete glass wall and room divider. Moreover, you get a large flexible doorway. The possibility to connect and divide the rooms at will. The number of folding doors and the dimensioning of these doors are custom-made to the individual project.

Mobile wall

DYFA’s mobile wall offers flexibility with a wall system suitable for dividing spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc. The mobile wall differs from the folding door since it has more flexibility and consists of single-moving elements suspended in a top rail. The individual elements are serviced separately, providing several parking options.

Unlike the folding door, the mobile wall comes with a 10 mm safety glass, with glued-on fake transoms. Therefore, the size, appearance and number of elements of the mobile wall differ to each project.

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