Glass wall – Endless possibilities

DYFA’s New York glass walls offer endless applications and possibilities, which all match with our New York glass doors. The glass walls are produced either as individual glass modules or as a full glass wall with glued-on fake transoms. We develop and manufacture our own glass walls, and we have these types of walls:


Create a new room with a DYFA New York partition. With a partition, you get a unique solution to your interior, and thus, gives it a minimalistic industrial look. Whether it is a room divider, half wall or wall that has to go from floor to ceiling, there are endless possibilities.

Full glass wall

Give your room a new life with a glass wall. Which gives the interior a light presence while providing natural light. Moreover, this is our slimmest profile since it consists of whole glass, to which glued-on fake transoms are added to imitate the New York style.

Built-in industrial window

With a New York window, you can ensure light, and create a unique solution for your interior. Additionally, the windows placed on existing half walls, as a result, keeps the connection between two rooms while creating a new space.

Shower GLASS wall

Make an impression in your bathroom with a New York style shower wall and give the interior a unique solution. The fact that the system consists of aluminium and glass, and thus does not consist of any organic materials, makes it ideal for wet rooms.

Wine room

With our New York walls and doors, you can create a stylish wine room that ensures light and thus, adds a unique touch to the interior design. Which means that you can see your wine collection without having to enter the room, giving it an aesthetic feel.

It is entirely up to you what type of glass wall you want, and we can help you with advice and guidance, hence our many years of experience. Size, colour, and fillings are custom-made to each project requirements.

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