Glass door – An elegant solution

DYFA’s New York glass door offers endless possibilities, which all match with our New York walls and windows. The doors are produced either as traditional hinged doors with individual glass modules or as a full door with glued-on fake transoms. We develop and manufacture our own glass doors, and we have these types of doors:

Pivot GLASS door

Pivot doors can be made in very large sizes, which means they can reach from floor to ceiling in most rooms. The pivot door has an opening radius of 90 degrees in both directions.

Hinged door

DYFAs hinged doors are available in two versions, a frame door and a full glass door. The frame door is the closet you get to a traditional hinged door of glass and wood and it consists of individual glass modules. Compared to the full door which is full glass with glued-on fake transoms. Moreover, both doors have an opening radius of 180 degrees in one direction.

Sliding door

The sliding door builds on the same principles as the previous door types and is available as a framed door with individual glass modules and an aluminium frame, as well as a full glass door with glued-on transoms.

Folding GLASS door

The folding door gives your room a flexible and practical quality. Thus, visually you get a regular complete glass wall and room divider, together with a large flexible doorway with the possibility to connect and divide the rooms at will.

Mobile wall

DYFA’s mobile wall offers flexibility with a wall system that is suitable for dividing spaces. For example, conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.

Find inspiration in our photo gallery. The system contains endless possibilities and therefore it is only your imagination that sets the limits. Feel free to write to us with questions and wishes, and we will guide and advise you on the best solution to your project.

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