About DYFA

About DYFA

Established December 2011, DYFA – Dynamic Facades – story began with a vision to create intelligent solar screening for the outside of buildings. To become a part of sustainable green building design. From the beginning team DYFA consisted of people with skills rooted both in the aluminium facade industry, wood construction and architecture.

Meanwhile, the product was replaced in 2012 where architectural visions combining interior design with function enter the scene. A request from the retail industry to create a partition wall system with the key words high finish, aesthetics, light weight, price friendly transport
and easy assembly.

Hence, DYFA invented the module system New York in aluminium. A module system with high flexibility and possibility of personal choices of design and combination. A module system meant to be played with. A module system so unique we were able to patent the invention of it.

Our inspiration and respect lie in the blacksmith traditions and the architectural industrial style. Possibilities rethought and designed with the advantages of extruded aluminium.


DYFA New York system

DYFA New York fake transoms





Our mission, vision and values drive what we do every day


It is our basic business concept to produce and develop partition walls, doors and inventory design solutions. We primarily work with glass and aluminium. Our products shall at any time live up to the demands of our customers and have to be found amongst the best of its kind on the market.
We value the good cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


  • To be our customers’ preferred developing partner and supplier
  • To be innovative and leading on design
  • To be an independent company in growth
  • To be an attractive workplace with competent employees
  • To add value in our products for our customers


  • Integrity – to keep what we promise
  • Passion – for customers, quality and performance
  • Innovation tirelessly to seek the best and to create unique solutions
  • Respect – for employees, partners, society and the environment
  • Courage to follow our beliefs