DYFA’s Privacy Policy

In DYFA’s privacy policy, the initiatives and procedures are outlined, and DYFA strive to be compliant with the guidelines of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
GDPR is primarily a concern to individuals who contact DYFA as a private customer.

DYFA is data controller

Regarding GDPR, DYFA is a data controller, as DYFA handles customer information. This means that DYFA is in possession of and manages personal data, which requires a degree of transparency, fairness and responsible handling.

By contacting DYFA, DYFA obtains personal data related to the individual. The handling of this data is necessary in order to communicate, enter agreements and in order for DYFA to deliver services. DYFA only uses this data within the boundaries of what reasonably can be expected.

Thus, DYFA acknowledges its responsibility to handle personal data responsibly and with care.

Furthermore, as a data controller, DYFA is required to make sure that external data processors fulfil the obligations of GDPR. This relationship is secured through data processing agreements between DYFA and the concerned third-party.

DYFA does not share personal data outside the organization. However, in certain circumstances it is necessary for DYFA to transmit such data e.g. when redirecting enquiries, ordering shipping etc.

In the unlikely event of a security breach, DYFA acknowledges its responsibilities as data controller, and will, in accordance with the guidelines of GDPR, contact the relevant supervisory authority. Such an event represents a small risk to the single individual, but should such a breach represent a risk, the affected individuals will be contacted, if possible, as soon as possible and be notified of the breach.


DYFA’s webpage utilizes cookies. The referred cookies are statistical cookies collecting data related to the webpage dyfanewyork.com. This information is primarily used to ongoing adjustments and improvements of the webpage.

DYFA has consciously chosen not to have a pop-up and actively collecting user consent for the collection of cookies. This decision is grounded in the fact that DYFA believes such an action would unnecessarily interfere with the user experience. Furthermore, this decision is based on the type of cookies DYFA collects:

dyfanewyork.com only collects statistical cookies used in analytical software (Google Analytics). Thus, dyfanewyork.com measurers page views, number of visitors, submitted contact forms, the visitor’s electronic devices, traffic sources, traffic flow etc.

DYFA will continuously evaluate GDPR and the ePrivacy regulations in regards to active user consent, should the guidelines be updated or reinterpreted.

DYFA has, in order to ensure compliance with GDPR, anonymised IP addresses in Google Analytics after Google’s standard. That is, the two last digits in the IP address are changed to zero, and the IP address is partly anonymized.

If it is deemed undesirable to leave third-party cookies, as the ones mentioned above, on dyfanewyork.com or any other webpage, the following links will provide instructions regarding browser setups and blocking of cookies:

Additional information regarding cookies and management of cookies can be found by searching the internet.

Communicating with DYFA

When contacting DYFA, DYFA becomes a data controller obtaining data related to the individual, provided by the user. DYFA only requests information, that is relevant in regards to communication and the delivery of services. The personal data that DYFA in this manner obtains is usually:

Name, Address, E-mail address, Phone number and Payment information.

DYFA accepts unsolicited applications. The application and associated correspondence will be kept by DYFA no longer than a year.

As a rule, DYFA will save all information related to an order as long as it is deemed relevant. This is done in order to ensure warranty and comprehensive support when dealing with future requests.

The individual have a right to be informed about the personal data that DYFA contains and likewise a right to have this data deleted, if this process does not conflict with any other applying legislation. In this matter please contact DYFA by e-mail contact@dyfa.dk or fill out the contact form here.

Updated: 01/07/2018